3 Killed Including Police At Planned Parenthood Attack By Gunman

Last Updated: November 28, 2015

Three people have been killed including one police officer Friday at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic after a gunman stormed the facility with rifle. Nine others are injured in a nearly six-hour standoff.

The gunman was finally captured but his motive is yet to be understood. Bomb technicians are investigating to ensure he didn’t leave any explosives either inside the Colorado Springs or outside it as a parked vehicle in a parking lot is believed to be his.

One Planned Parenthood official said even though his motive was not clear, but it was a poisonous environment and a domestic terrorism.

According to Colorado Springs Police Chief Peter Carey, the gunman first engaged himself in a protracted battle but later after about five hours he surrendered.

Mayor John Suthers said the attacker is now in custody and the huge crime scene needs to be processed and determined number of victims in the clinic.

  • Zinoviy Andrukhiv

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    When it was (a referendum) in US or Canada history?
    If we don’t change the system of government (I have a detailed project) the Armageddon will come very soon. Because there is no license or mandatory diploma to become a president and no one president could be e genius.
    The fact 1 is – president of USA, Russia or other nuclear country can start a WW-3.
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    That means fact 3 – people (and the whole humanity) are the hostages of 1 man (president) decision. What if he is crazy one, like Erdogan?