An Italian baby raised on a vegan diet is hospitalized and removed from parents

July 12, 2016

Italian hospital informed on another case of severe malnutrition caused by vegetarian diet. The grandparents of hospitalized baby told that baby is 14 months, however, he weighed like 3-month-old. The poor child was removed from parents until the medicine and law will clear this issue.

According to the newspaper Local Italy, the baby with severe malnutrition was taken from his parents and delivered to the Milan hospital by his grandparents. The medics were shocked by the status of health of a 14-month-old patient. An extremely imbalanced organism was suffered from important minerals and nutrients deficient. The baby’s weight was like 3-month-old one at the age of 14 months.

The parents kept their baby on a vegan diet, no dietary supplements at all. Such an unclever approach caused a severe malnutrition and dangerously low calcium levels. Thanks to his grandparents, the veggie-baby was delivered to the Milan hospital. Now poor child had to undergo an emergency operation because of a weak heart condition.

The case illustrates cases of modern and trendy slogan Veganism is Not Child Abuse, assured doctors. Many parents decided to raise their babies as vegans without full understanding, how much harmful it is for a very young organism. They “forces us to reflect on uncommon feeding regimes,” said Luca Bernardo, director of pediatrics at the Milan hospital.

  • Heather Moore

    Let’s put the blame for this child’s illness where it belongs: On negligent parents. There is no excuse for their actions. However, thousands of conscientious parents have risen, or are currently raising, healthy vegan children. Vegan foods, which are cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat, and rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, are optimal for children. They form the foundation of dietary habits that support a lifetime of good health. Raising a vegan baby is no more challenging than raising any other baby. But no child—whether raised on a vegan diet or not—is going to be healthy if he or she doesn’t consume enough calories, or if those calories come from nutritionally-empty foods. All parents must make informed decisions about what to feed their kids.

  • FashionFan

    Unfortunately, in rural Appalachia where I am from, many kids are raised on fast food. They are getting nothing but meat, dairy, bread, and potatoes, and are as obese and unhealthy as they come. This child wasn’t sick because of veganism, he was sick because his negligent parents didn’t ensure that he was getting enough calories and a nutritionally-balanced, healthy diet.

  • Lucy_P

    This is heartbreaking, but let’s not forget that malnourished omnivore children are removed from their parents every day and they never make front-page news. The media seems to harp on the fact that this child was vegan to instill fear and spread misinformation. I’d love to see a profile on some of the many happy, healthy vegan kids out there.

  • Craig Shapiro

    A vegan diet is perfectly healthy (and humane and eco-friendly). You just have to see that you’re getting the proper nutrients. When children are vegans, the onus is on their parents,