46 people rescued on abandoned fishing ship near Aleutian Islands

July 27, 2016

А merchant ships rescued yesterday 46 people abandoned a fishing vessel, which was sinking near Aleutian islands. The good Samaritans responded to the U.S. Coast Guard emergency broadcast, and could save lives. Two helicopters flew toward the sinking vessel to assist if there is a medical emergency, no injuries reported, indeed.

A fishing trawler Alaska Juris was dead in the water more than 150 miles northwest of Adak. According to the official, all 46 crew members were equipped with survival suits and abandoned ship in three life rafts. Their signal SOS was heard in the air of the U.S. Coast Guard emergency broadcast, so the merchant vessel Spar Canis responded and could recover 28 people from two rafts, reported Lt. Schlosser.

The last from three rafts with 18 occupants went adrift, but people have been successfully recovered by a vessel Vienna Express. At 08:20 PM crew members of Alaska Juris, all 46 people, were rescued. The reason of sinking the vessel Alaska Juris is unclear so far. Weather on scene was calm seas and limited visibility, nothing dangerous, reported the U.S. Coast Guard.