8 people dead after typhoon Meranti that hit China, Taiwan

September 16, 2016

Chinese and Taiwanese authorities reported on the victims of Meranti typhoon. At least 8 people dead after the typhoon, which hit these countries of the Asia Pacific region recent days.

The powerful typhoon called Meranti hit two countries, both China and Taiwan have reported on the victims. The powerful Meranti lashed much of southeastern China and Taiwan, on Friday, the China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs updated the number of deaths from the nature catastrophe.

In China, nine people are still missing, the Super Typhoon Meranti struck Fujian province early Thursday–8 people died. Taiwan Ministry of Emergency reported that one person died in the storm.

Super typhoon Meranti, Earth changing extremities
Super typhoon Meranti, Earth changing extremities

According to Chinese officials, super typhoon forced the relocation of 33 million people, 1,600 homes destroyed. The power lines system damaged heavily, throughout the streets of the coastal city of Xiamen are vehicles downed. In southern Taiwan, many areas remain flooded.

The authorities are warning on the next typhoon–Malakas is expected on Friday or Saturday, say the meteorologists.