9-year-old girl catches 94-pound fish: new Maryland record

    July 12, 2016

    Another state record in the Maryland fishing sets 9-year-old girl, who had great luck and caught a 94.6-pound cobia. The kid thought it is a shark actually, so heavy it was to reel it. On July 1st, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources confirmed a new record.

    The newspaper Daily Times of Salisbury reports about new state record in fisheries. Nine-year-old Emma Zajdel caught the giant fish. This important event took place on June 30 near Assateague Island, where the girl was fishing with family and friends.

    Emma Zajdel told about the struggling with the giant fish. It took to the girl about 20 minutes to reel in the fish, which she originally thought was a shark. According to the registered data, the cobia was 94.6-pound species.

    After catching the cobia, clever girl Emma and her parent  kept the unusual fish iced overnight, and early in the morning took it to a certified scale, where a fisheries biologist registered and confirmed the species and catch. The huge cobia measured in 66.5 inches long and 94.6-pound weight.

    The Maryland Department of Natural Resources noted that  Zajdel’s record removed the previous 79-pound state record, which was registered in 2014.