Suicide bomb at army training camp in Aden, Yemen, kills 60

Last Updated: August 29, 2016

In Aden a suicide car bomb attack killed at least 60 people, no terroristic group claimed the responsibility yet. On Monday, a bomber blew himself up in the army training camp in Aden, an incident killed at least 60 people.

Aden, Yemeni second largest city, became a place of tragedy on Monday. An unknown suicide bomber on Monday drove his vehicle into a gathering of new recruits at the camp in northern Aden.

According to the medical officers, the explosion killed 60 people, another 29 others shifted to the three hospitals with the injuries. Aden as a port city is very vulnerable, moreover, now it is the temporary base of Yemen’s Gulf-backed government. A recent wave of bombings and shootings targeted the officials and security forces, say the experts. It worth to note that the extremists from al-Qaeda or ISIS are very interested in the chaos in Yemen to make gains in southern and southeastern regions.