Almost 200 Montserrat tarantulas hatch at Chester Zoo, UK

August 15, 2016

The British zookeepers are glad to announce that almost 200 Montserrat tarantulas hatch in Cheshire Zoo. The dozen of tarantulas was brought to the zoo in 2013. Now, the biologists can say that Chester Zoo became the first in the world to accomplish the process in captivity.

The official from the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, are ready to announce that a female Montserrat tarantula has given birth to almost 200 baby spiders. From 2013, when the dozen of these spiders was brought to the England, the scientists were observing them.

After three years, 200 Montserrat tarantulas hatch at British Zoo in a first. It is the first in the world zoo, where the birth process in captivity ends successfully. According to Gerardo Garcia, a specialist on the lower vertebrates at Chester Zoo, this success makes breeding of the species gives more perspective to watch the spiders in captivity and to understand their behavior.

“Breeding these tarantulas is a huge achievement for the team as very little is known about them. It’s taken a lot of patience and care to reach this point.”