Android N is now Android Nougat

July 2, 2016

Google informed on its Snapchat today about renaming the Android N. Th latest version will have long and candy name–Android Nougat. The official announcement appears after the corporation informed at I/O last month that users could submit suggestions for the name online. People’s name for people’s OS.

Android Nougat is the latest candy-themed version of Android, it comes a bit later, maybe in August. Actually, the release was initially announced in March, but beta-version tests and other finishing touches Brought new features into Android Nougat. Among improvements are notification shade and split-screen multitasking to the mobile OS.

Moreover, the Android Nougat’s release has Daydream, too–Google’s new VR platform. Though VR’ll only be supported by Daydream-ready handsets running the OS. The price of this handset is not available yet.