Angela Merkel remains the vital voice in EU

September 5, 2016
Angela Merkel started her pre-election activity, on Monday, she has returned from holidays. According to the recent polls, Angela Merkel remains the vital voice in EU, other European leaders are very attentive to her political views and decision-making.

Angela Merkel remains the key player on the political scene in the Europe, many EU leaders believes that Germany’s Chancellor has the vital voice in EU despite the crisis issues over the past year. Merkel’s policy on refugees is heavily criticizes, but German Chancellor is still a leader for other European politics.

Now, Angela Merkel should defend her judgment as chancellor and try to survive as leader of the German Christian Democrats (CDU). Frau Merkel fully understands these difficulties but is certainly not overwhelmed by them. According to the recent Forsa poll the support for her CDU still the biggest group had fallen to 33 percent (down 8 points from 2015). The anti-immigrant Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) rose to 12 percent, their second-highest level this year.