Anonymous hacks pro-ISIS Twitter accounts, replaces them with gay pride

June 17, 2016

Gay pride could see the visitors on the Twitter accounts of dozen pro-ISIS, such a reaction followed by the Orlando mass shooting from the hacker-activist group known as Anonymous. Hackers smashed pro-Islamic ISIS Twitter accounts and replaced their original content with gay pride info and pictures.

Anonymous hacker @WauchulaGhost since March 2016 (or even earlier) has been hacking pro-ISIS accounts. His/her the latest hack-work is replacing on June 7 pro-ISIS accounts. with the porn-related pictures and slogans such as “I adore porn” and Anonymous.

The wave of hacking events is going on, e.g., on June 10, The Anonymous (one hacker or group of them) have hacked around 1,500 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts. All of those accounts related to Daesh were filled with pornographic material. Anonymous also frequently tweets actual IP addresses of the pro-ISIS accounts, among users are people from Oman and Turkey, Great Britain and Iraq, Jordan and elsewhere in the world.

Finally, on June 12, the hacker account @WauchulaGhost announced that Twitter had deleted the accounts after they were hacked into and altered by Anonymous.