Anthrax outbreak in remote Russia kills 12-year-old nomad boy

August 3, 2016

Anthrax woke up in the Russian remote corner on the North. So-called “Siberian plague” has already killed two people from Yamal-Nenets region, more than 90 hospitalized because of an outbreak, reports. 

Rare and deadly Anthrax woke up in the Russia and has already killed two people, a woman and the 12-year-old nomad boy. They died after eating the deer meat, which was poisoned with the Anthrax bacteria. According to the latest data, 20 people are infected and another 90 more people are in the local hospital for health checks. It’s an outbreak, say epidemiologists.

Yamal-Nenets region situated on the North of Siberia and an epidemiologic situation in this area becomes more serious. Among 240 people, evacuated by the emergency crews during last week, were many children. They came from a camp for reindeer herders close to the site of Anthrax outbreak.

Quaranteen dur to Anthrax outbreak in Yamal-Nenets region, Russia
Quarantine due to Anthrax outbreak in Yamal-Nenets region, Russia

According to the scientists, an abnormally hot summer provoked the waking up and activation the deadly bacteria. It comes back because of melting Siberia’s permafrost, exposing reindeer corpses infected with Anthrax in previous outbreaks decades ago.