AP poll: Americans really don’t love either of the candidates, Trump an Clinton

July 18, 2016

According to a new Associated Press poll, the Americans don’t love either of the presidential candidates. Both Clinton and Trump are scaring the US electorate, and the vast majority of US citizens confessed they scared at least one of the two candidates.

The Americans (81%) are afraid of following US election: both candidates, Republican Trump and DemocraticClinton are scaring many people. AP poll demonstrated the fact that an unsettled nation is really unhappy with its choice.

The quarter of US citizens, according to the latest AP poll said it doesn’t matter for them who wins: they’re equally scared of Clinton and Trump. As Annette Scott, 70, New Jersey commented her choice:

‘I really don’t love either of the candidates. What do they say? It’s a choice between hot and hell.’

The poll reflected as well the resoundingly negative opinions of both candidates. For an instance, 57 percent have an unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton, but 37 percent have a favorable one for her. Regarding Trump, 63 percent have a negative view of the Republican candidate, while 31 percent like him.

In fact, American just tired from the presidential race, which became nastier week by week.