Arctic’s melting ice creates vicious circle: a climate is warming

June 9, 2016

Arctic sea ice is melting year by year, the process is speeding up, so the latest study showed a thrill figures. E.g., the average area of Arctic sea ice in May 2016 was 4.63 million square miles, that means just about a half million square miles below average. Moreover, such a level sets the stage for new record lows in the coming months. In other words, melting ice creates the vicious circle: a climate is warming. Or vice versa. 

Scientists and glaciologists are very concerned by the speeding up the Arctic ice’s melting. The climate warming has great influence on the average area of Arctic sea ice, which becomes thinner year by year. In 2016, the scientists discovered the first-ever link between melting ice in Greenland and a phenomenon known to warm the area faster than the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.

Journal Nature Communications called this phenomenon “Arctic amplification” and until now, scientists didn’t know Greenland was linked to it. For Arctic ecosystem that vicious circle is very harmful, because darkening the ice causes further irreversible changes. The National Snow and Ice Data Center notes that record warm air in the Arctic fueled the May 2016 record: temperatures 4 to 5 degrees above average is the highest in the Arctic’s climatic history.