Balkans summit in Paris: migration, security, EU’s future

July 5, 2016

Paris welcomes the leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Balkan nations, who will find new and wise diplomatic solutions for the migrant crisis, security issues as well as the future of EU itself. The Brexit changed a lot in EU’s agenda, and migrant flow made Europe itself different, and the Balkans summit should consider all these actual problems.

The Balkans summit started in Paris, the main issues are security, migration and future of the EU in view of the recent political movements, e.g. Brexit. Migration flow and an extremism are linked now, and Balkans summit will try to find a solution how to prevent extremists from sneaking in with migrants who are moving west across Europe.

The current Balkan summit gathered the leaders of EU nations (Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande) and EU (Federica Mogherini) as well as Balkan leaders. The EU considers greater Balkan integration essential for regional stability. The leaders of Balkan nations are meeting with their counterparts, Slovenia, and Austria.