Belgium explosion: 1 dead, at least 2 injured in Chimay

August 26, 2016

An explosion at a sports center in Belgium killed one person, and two were injured. The incident was accidental, it took place in Chimay, close to the French border.

An accidental explosion at a sports center near the French border, reported a Belgian Crisis Center. According to the rescuers’ information, the gas was a possible reason for an explosion. No ISIS traces, just a leak of gas in the premises of the sports center.

The small town Chimay is situated in 120 km from the Brussels. And blast, which happened just after midnight, woke up everyone in vicinities. People thought it’s ISIS attack. But local rescue services calmed citizens, saying it was just an accidental explosion. Unfortunately, it has killed one person and injured two visitors of the sports center, one corner of the building was badly damaged but there was no major collapse.