Where do the best, worst American drivers live

    July 3, 2016

    The insurance company Allstate presented its own study, where statistical data points the most safely-driving states in the USA. Where do the best drivers live– answers annual America’s Best Drivers Report.

    The statistics say that an average American driver is involved in an auto collision once every decade. An insurance company Allstate every year gathers data on different aspects of driving as well as different states. That’s quite an interesting fact that place, where you live can low/rise the chance to be involved in the car accident.

    According to the America’s Best Drivers Report, the safest city for the first time became border town at the southernmost tip of Texas. The best drivers live there, say statistical data: Brownsville motorists on average are involved in a collision once every 14.6 years and are 31.4 percent less likely to crash relative to the national average. Among the analyzed US 200 largest cities Brownsville took the first place in rating Where the best American driver live?

    On the other hand, the worst drivers live in Boston; they on average are involved in a collision once every 3.7 years; Boston motorists are 167.6 percent less likely to collision relative to the national average.