California primary has record voter registration

June 19, 2016

California primary has record voter registration, and election authorities in San Diego and Santa Clara counties expected at least 55 percent of registered voters to cast ballots. It meant that more people came out to vote. 

For California, the most important issue is a proportion between the Dem. and Rep. voters. Statewide, almost three-quarters of Republican voters cast a ballot for Donald Trump, say results of the US Election Atlas.

On the other hand, it’s quite interesting to have a look at the previous results in different years: how America supported its candidates. The Field Poll predicts that two-thirds of voters  this year will cast ballots by mail.

According to the latest figures, Donald Trump won the Republican Presidential Primary with 16,861 votes (75.47 percent) over John Kasich, 4,136 votes (18.5 percent) and Ted Cruz, 1,345 votes (6 percent).

For U.S. representative, Democrat Denise Juneau and incumbent Republican Ryan Zinke are running unopposed. So far, the US Elections 2016 is going on, so, there’s enough time for candidates to make a history.