Canadian officials vote to make national anthem gender neutral

Last Updated: June 17, 2016

The national anthem ‘O Canada’ should be more gender neutral, decided on Wednesday representatives of the Canada’s House of Commons. So, MPs voted in favor of a bill that proposed tiny but important changes in the text of an anthem, reports Newsweek.

‘O Canada’ will be more gender neutral after the changing its text — the 3rd line, which reads, “True patriot’s love in all thy sons command…” will be replaced with another option “True patriot’s love in all thy us command…”

Actually, Canada has two texts of the national anthem, and the French version is not a translation of English one or vice versa. Thus, changes will be made only in English version, which was penned in 1908. French anthem will carry on as is, MPs assured.

Results of voting on this bill were overwhelming: in favor 225 to 74 against the changes.
The bill regarding ‘O Canada’ will next go to the Senate for debate.