Cannes Film Festival: Sofia Coppola becomes second woman to win best director

May 29, 2017

The Cannes Film Festival’s jury made its choice, the winner is Ruben Ostlund’s Swedish comedy “The Square”. But Sofia Coppola became the second woman in the history of the film fest who won the best director award for her film ‘The Beguiled’.

The Palme d’Or of 2017 Cannes Film Festival went to Sweden, comedy ‘The Square’ by Ruben Ostlund became the best movie among other. On Sunday, the jury announced all the winners, and gothic movie The Beguiled by Sofia Coppola lead her to the award – as the best director.

The daughter of famous American director Francis Ford Coppola used to break the stereotypes, at 2017 Cannes Film Festival she became the best director. She is only second woman who won this award for more tthan 50 years – her predecessor was the Soviet director Yuliya Ippolitovna Solntseva in 1961.

Sofia Coppola: the remake of 1971 ‘The Beguiled’

Coppla decided to remake Don Siegel’s drama about the Civil War, the original movie was made in 1971. Though it which adapts the same book by Thomas P. Cullinan focused on the soldier, Coppola offers to see at this life story from the women’s point of view.

Hailed as Coppola’s most feminist work yet, the remade thriller told from a more female point of view stars Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst, with Colin Farrell playing the wounded soldier.