Cornhucksters: Ethanol Salesmen Who Would Be President

In a National Review Online op-ed earlier this month, Katrina Trinko observed that four of the potential candidates for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination are stuck on ethanol: What kind of Republican supports high tariffs on imports, dubious green... (more...)

Posted on Jan 31 2011 | 296 comments | Written by Michael

Ready or not, here comes E15

When Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem,” he wasn’t just kidding. Reagan’s humorous quips worked so well because there was a lot of truth in them. Case in point: The Obama... (more...)

Posted on Oct 14 2010 | 830 comments | Written by Josh Painter

Deflation Cometh

Until the recent stock market correction, most people viewed the financial crisis as a thing of the past. The question became ‘how slow or fast will the recovery be’ not ‘IF we will recover at all.’ There’s a few headwinds... (more...)

Posted on May 24 2010 | 148 comments | Written by Michael

The Patsy Generation: How The Government Sticks It To The Young

Patsy: [n] chump: a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of The men and women who braved the Great Depression and went on to fight World War II, ridding the world of the evils of fascism are known as... (more...)

Posted on May 12 2010 | 110 comments | Written by Michael

Five Reasons Home Prices May Slump For Years

While the stock market has shot up over the past year, and many expect the economy to rebound, housing has continued to slump. Nationwide, most people who are currently buying expect their home to appreciate over time, and there are many sellers awaiting... (more...)

Posted on Apr 17 2010 | 276 comments | Written by Michael

Economy Turning A New Corner [Cartoon]

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Posted on Apr 9 2010 | 49 comments | Written by Michael

2011 Tax Increases = -6% Drop in GDP?

I read an interesting article by John Mauldin today, in which he mentions that the 2011 tax increases (mainly letting the Bush tax cuts expire) will amount to about an extra 2% increase in tax revenue in relation to GDP. Taxes may be going up by as much... (more...)

Posted on Apr 4 2010 | 334 comments | Written by Michael

Obama: Drill Maybe Drill [Cartoon]

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Posted on Apr 4 2010 | 82 comments | Written by Michael

The Battled Sirius Star SIRI

Sirius XM Radio Inc. (Nasdaq:SIRI) is struggling again. With all the good news that has come out recently about Sirius XM Radio, ( Nasdaq : Siri ) the stock has still yet to stay over 1.00 long enough to void delisting. Granted the big wigs over at Sirius... (more...)

Posted on Mar 24 2010 | 50 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

CBO: Obama underestimated deficit by $1.2 trillion

The Congressional Budget Office reported Friday that President Barack Obama’s budget would increase the U.S. deficit in the period from 2011 to 2020 by $1.2 trillion more than the White House has claimed: The CBO report fueled immediate criticism... (more...)

Posted on Mar 6 2010 | 26 comments | Written by Josh Painter

Are you ready for $7 gasoline?

If the true believers of The Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming have their way, it could cost well over $100 to fill the average vehicle’s tank: To meet the Obama administration’s targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, some researchers... (more...)

Posted on Mar 4 2010 | 51 comments | Written by Josh Painter

Sirius XM Radio Nasdaq : SIRI Pushing Towards One Dollar

Sirius XM Radio Inc.’s stock, Nasdaq:SIRI, is up again Monday to .91, up from .05 just a year ago. Sirius radio was once feared of going bankrupt, now seems to have all severe debt problems behind them and are moving in the right direction. Sirius... (more...)

Posted on Feb 2 2010 | 25 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

Obama Proposes ‘A Budget Too Far’

Just days after President Obama said that cutting the budget deficit was as important as creating jobs, he submitted a proposed record budget that will escalate the US budget deficit by at least $100 billion dollars. The president’s $3.8 trillion... (more...)

Posted on Feb 1 2010 | 33 comments | Written by Josh Painter

Sirius Radio’s Stock Nasdaq: SIRI up 25% in one Month

( Nasdaq: SIRI) is up 25% over a one month period. Sirius XM Radio’s stock has been up 25% when in the same time, the DOW is down 3%, and the Nasdaq is almost down 4%. It has been not been a bright for stocks, specifically bank stocks which are... (more...)

Posted on Jan 27 2010 | 56 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

Fox News Will be the Most Watched Network Tonight

Yep… Fox News, the most trusted name in news. No really, read this. The network that pushes the most opposition to the current president always gets a ratings bump. MSNBC actually did respectable ratings when George W. Bush was hated by most of... (more...)

Posted on Jan 27 2010 | 74 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles
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