Why The GOP May Disintegrate

It’s no stretch to say that we suffer a leadership vacuum. While Obama’s personal ratings are not terrible, Congress’s ratings have remained among the worst since the start of the Financial Crisis. These ratings have not improved an iota once the... (more...)

Posted on Sep 12 2012 | 0 comments | Written by Michael

Why A Bloody Primary Could Help The GOP Win

Conventional wisdom is that the nastiness of the GOP primary is good for Obama and bad for the GOP. The reason being that it has divided the GOP party and exposed the weaknesses of all of the candidates, especially Romney. There is some truth to that... (more...)

Posted on Mar 1 2012 | 0 comments | Written by Michael

Is Santorum The Real Deal Or Just The Latest Non-Romney?

It’s always been a two person race. First, it was me against Donald Trump, then it was me against Michele Bachmann, me against Newt Gingrich and now it’s me against Rick Santorum. Romney is dead-on in this quote; the race has always been him versus... (more...)

Posted on Feb 16 2012 | 0 comments | Written by Michael

How The GOP Can Defeat Obama in 2012

In 1992 incumbent president George H. W. Bush, despite enjoying relatively strong approval ratings as high as 89 percent right after the Gulf war, was deprived of a second term in large part thanks to one man, but it wasn’t Bill Clinton or H. Ross... (more...)

Posted on Apr 25 2011 | 323 comments | Written by Josh Painter

Cornhucksters: Ethanol Salesmen Who Would Be President

In a National Review Online op-ed earlier this month, Katrina Trinko observed that four of the potential candidates for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination are stuck on ethanol: What kind of Republican supports high tariffs on imports, dubious green... (more...)

Posted on Jan 31 2011 | 296 comments | Written by Michael

Midterms 2010: Some Takeaways

Democrats sustained an expected thumping on election day. With the dust settled, Republicans will take the House with a clear majority, gaining 65 seats, the largest swing since 1948. This is a bigger swing than the historic 1994 elections. In the Senate,... (more...)

Posted on Nov 3 2010 | 405 comments | Written by Michael

Republicans Poised For Big Gains

It is no secret that the midterm elections will be favorable for the Republicans. The midterm election for a first-term president almost always goes towards the other party. But this year will be a particularly big swing, after two elections of big Democratic... (more...)

Posted on Sep 3 2010 | 279 comments | Written by Michael

Arizona Immigration Law [Cartoon]

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Posted on Apr 28 2010 | 90 comments | Written by Michael

Obama: Drill Maybe Drill [Cartoon]

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Posted on Apr 4 2010 | 82 comments | Written by Michael

Pentagon Shooter A Democrat

Originally posted on our blog here: Politicallore.com/blog Whenever some whack job commits a violent act, the media tries to spin the story that the perp is somehow a “right wing extremist” and then attempts to tie him to the Tea party movement.... (more...)

Posted on Mar 6 2010 | 182 comments | Written by Josh Painter

Mike Church treats Neocon Beckaholism

by Kurt Wallace The Liberty movement has been looking for a beacon of truth in the mainstream media to stand up for the Founding Fathers vision of patriotism. At CPAC’s Campaign for Liberty event Thursday night, Ron Paul talked about a young... (more...)

Posted on Mar 1 2010 | 34 comments | Written by KurtWallace

Rand Paul snags Sarah Palin endorsement

via: press release Bowling Green, Kentucky – National political icon and conservative leader Sarah Palin has endorsed Dr. Rand Paul in his bid for United States Senate from Kentucky. The Paul campaign has received a generous donation from Governor Palin’s... (more...)

Posted on Feb 1 2010 | 192 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

State of the Union? Awful. LIVEBLOG

Barack Obama’s first state of the union address will happen very shortly. Something that we will be covering all the way through, so make sure you mash that refresh button! 2009 was well… in a gentle way, let’s say it was not great.... (more...)

Posted on Jan 27 2010 | 104 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

Fox News Will be the Most Watched Network Tonight

Yep… Fox News, the most trusted name in news. No really, read this. The network that pushes the most opposition to the current president always gets a ratings bump. MSNBC actually did respectable ratings when George W. Bush was hated by most of... (more...)

Posted on Jan 27 2010 | 74 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

Is Sarah Palin still needed by the Republican Party?

It was made public earlier today that former Alaskan Governor and now Fox News analyst Sarah Palin will be campaigning for several prominent Republicans around the country in the coming months. She will be giving stump speeches in preparation for the... (more...)

Posted on Jan 21 2010 | 230 comments | Written by Shaun Booth
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