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MIAC Responds to Ron Paul letter and Draws Additional Criticism from Pro-life Groups

Today the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) responded to the public letter sent to them by former Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin. The letter from the three former candidates was concerning them being mentioned... (more...)

Posted on Mar 24 2009 | 54 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin demand removal of MIAC document

Last week supporters of former Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin were shocked to learn that they had been included in a “law enforcement sensitive” document, titled “The Modern Militia Movement.” The document was... (more...)

Posted on Mar 23 2009 | 28 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Are You Ready for the Next Debate?

You may think the debates are over, but you would be wrong. There will be at least one more, but it is not likely to get as much coverage as the last three. (more…)  Read More →

Posted on Oct 16 2008 | 10 comments | Written by irishr

Ron Paul Endorses a Candidate! Who Wins?

John McCain can breath a little bit easier when it comes to the election in Texas, and Ron Paul has endorsed a candidate for President, and it is neither John McCain or Bob Barr for that matter. Could this be good for McCain anyway? (more…)  Read More →

Posted on Sep 23 2008 | 8 comments | Written by irishr

Ike, Barr and Their Affect on the Election in Texas

Right now , it is seven weeks until the election.  Will Texas be ready?  I know this is the last thing from the minds of the residents of the hardest hits places like Galveston and Houston, but the effects of hurricane Ike added to the Bob Barr issue... (more...)

Posted on Sep 16 2008 | 15 comments | Written by irishr

Will Ron Paul Become the Libertarian Candidate ?

It is not as far fetched as you may think. Just take a look at what has happened over the past few days with the Libertarian Party and Ron Paul. (more…)  Read More →

Posted on Sep 16 2008 | 72 comments | Written by irishr

Barr Wins Texas; Democrats, Republicans Miss Ballot Deadline

Usually the Democrats and Republicans have no trouble placing their candidates’ names on ballots. Since they are established political parties, the process in most states is as simple as filling out a form or sending a letter certifying the names... (more...)

Posted on Sep 14 2008 | 143 comments | Written by Luke Massey

Jesse Ventura Says He Will Run in 2012, Bob Barr Continuing to Build Momentum

Jesse Ventura stated at Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, that he would run for president in 2012 if he determined that the grassroots made significant political advances in the interim. It is doubtful he would run for... (more...)

Posted on Sep 5 2008 | 120 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

Republicans Give Ron Paul the Ultimate Snub

The Republicans have released the line up of speakers for their convention next week and it is more notable for who is not going to speak than it is for who is. (more…)  Read More →

Posted on Aug 28 2008 | 63 comments | Written by irishr

Voters Say Let Barr and Nader in on the Debates

For as long as I can remember, and that is a long time, the Presidential debates have been between the candidates of the two major parties. Third party candidates and independents have wanted to be included, but the Democrats and Republicans have seen... (more...)

Posted on Aug 18 2008 | 9 comments | Written by irishr

Ron Paul – More and More Independent

Ron Paul is continuing to be a thorn in John McCain’s side, even months after he suspended his run for the White House. As we have said before, he continues to get a great deal of support – up to 25% in some polls and that number of voters, ... (more...)

Posted on Aug 3 2008 | 51 comments | Written by irishr

Bob Barr Announces Presidential Candidacy

Diving headfirst into the now wide open pool of candidates running for President in 2008, Libertarian Bob Barr from Georgia announced his presidential aspirations on Monday. After forming an exploratory committee just a month ago, Barr decided it was... (more...)

Posted on May 12 2008 | 22 comments | Written by Shaun Pickford
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