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Twitter [Cartoon]

To “get with the times” we finally started a twitter account. I still think it is ridiculous… Join up Link  Read More →

Posted on Jun 23 2009 | 57 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

U.S. sending millions of pounds of munitions to Israel

Reuters is reporting that the United States is seeking to hire a merchant ship to deliver around 3 million pounds of ammunitions to Israel by the end of the month. This action can be seen as the first direct involvement of the United States government... (more...)

Posted on Jan 11 2009 | 20 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Sarah Palin, Author ? Will You Read her Book?

The word is Sarah Palin is planing on becoming an author and is working on a book about her run for the vice presidency. Whether you agree with Palin or not, the book should be an interesting read. Think about it. It is no secret that Palin and the leaders... (more...)

Posted on Nov 19 2008 | 37 comments | Written by irishr

How “That One” Did It

I was looking forward to following the election across the country last night, but things moved so fast, there were still states in the Eastern Time Zone that had not been decided yet.  As a matter of fact, the morning after there are still a couple... (more...)

Posted on Nov 6 2008 | 19 comments | Written by irishr

Election Reflection

Sitting here tonight watching the election results, I feel a very similar feeling to the past two Presidential elections. With just about every battleground state coming in as “too close to call”, I think I need a beer and Red Bull so I can... (more...)

Posted on Nov 4 2008 | 202 comments | Written by Shaun Pickford

Last Look at the Polls

One last time we are going to go across the country and see what the probabilities are for election night. Time zone by time zone, take a look as which candidate has the advantage in which state at this moment. And Tuesday night we will follow the vote... (more...)

Posted on Nov 2 2008 | 4 comments | Written by irishr

For Those Not Happy With The Candidates…

The election is just a few days away, bringing to a close the longest campaign of my life. While I enjoy politics, and view it as my passion, enough is enough! Here is my problem… I don’t feel as though I can vote for either of these candidates.... (more...)

Posted on Oct 29 2008 | 28 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

One Week to go And Obama Increases His Lead.

Just a little over a week to go and time to take a last look at how the electoral college vote is going.  Last week, we took a look at it one time zone at a time, so this week we will pickup on that and see what if any changes have taken place. (more…)  Read More →

Posted on Oct 26 2008 | 4 comments | Written by irishr

How Important is the President’s Cabinet ?

There is a new poll out from Rasmussen Reports that shows a majority of the voters would like the candidates to announce the make up of their Cabinets before the election.  While this might give us a look at who the new President would be getting his... (more...)

Posted on Oct 22 2008 | 12 comments | Written by irishr

What do the Voters Think of the Way the Presidential Campaign is Being Run?

John McCain insists on keeping up with the negative campaigning and he keeps on slipping in the polls. The latest poll from CNN/Opinion Research Corp focused on the what the voters think of the McCain approach and shows once again that he is on the wrong... (more...)

Posted on Oct 22 2008 | 1 comment | Written by irishr

Election Minus Two Weeks and Counting

With just over two weeks to go. I’ve been thinking about what election night would be like.  What would the totals look like as the polls close across the nation, time zone by time zone. (more…)  Read More →

Posted on Oct 20 2008 | 0 comments | Written by irishr

Colin Powell Made His Decision. Will he Help Others Make Theirs?

So, Colin Powell has made his long awaited decision on who he will vote for in the Presidential election.  And he gave his reasons why.  He did not bad talk either of the candidates, but he did clearly state the reason why he is voting for the one he... (more...)

Posted on Oct 20 2008 | 1 comment | Written by irishr

Did the Debate Help or Hurt McCain?

We have been saying over and over again how important it is for John McCain to get his message across, to give details on exactly what he plans to do.  The debate this past Wednesday was his last chance to reach a wide audience, was he able to do it? ... (more...)

Posted on Oct 17 2008 | 2 comments | Written by irishr

Debate Poll : Who Do You Think Won The Last Presidential Debate? Vote Now

Post Debate Poll is located on the right sidebar. The last presidential debate is finally over with. Now we can actually start voting and end this two year long campaign. I think I speak for us all, when I say we are tired of this election. Who do... (more...)

Posted on Oct 15 2008 | 62 comments | Written by Alexander Nobles

Virginia is no Longer a Swing State

The last time we took a look at the swing states, there were 10 of them.  Today, another one is going to be added to Obama’s column (more…)  Read More →

Posted on Oct 15 2008 | 7 comments | Written by irishr
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