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Amazin’ Amazon (AMZN)

With the market in the crapper and volatility a constant factor, stock trading is most certainly a risky venture these days. For these reasons, I do not recommend to anyone I know heavily investing in stocks. However, many people still would like to dip... (more...)

Posted on Apr 1 2009 | 5 comments | Written by Dominic Tartaglia

The Inflation Lie: The Silent Robbery of Americans

Deflation is a dirty word in America. With a recession that continues to intensify, the media and government continue to stress how devastating a deflationary environment could be to the American economy. The idea of deflation being harmful is largely... (more...)

Posted on Mar 28 2009 | 20 comments | Written by Dominic Tartaglia

The Debt Parable… What The U.S. Needs To Learn

There once was a man who was a very hard worker. He sold widgets and spent day and night working to grow his business. Eventually, he became so successful from all of his hard work, that he had an enormous company with thousands of employees. He had... (more...)

Posted on Mar 19 2009 | 78 comments | Written by Dominic Tartaglia

All That Glitters: An Introductory Guide to Gold

There has been a lot of hubbub lately concerning gold in the marketplace. Even CNBC has joined in the gold talk after online groups have been discussing heavily for the last year. But, why gold? Is it just because it is so shiny? I would like to outline... (more...)

Posted on Mar 17 2009 | 38 comments | Written by Dominic Tartaglia

Why Washington Suspending Mark-to-Market Accounting Could Make You Rich!*

The Former FDIC chairman blames these accounting laws for destroying the banks. Steve Forbes has argued that they are “the most destructive policies” contributing to the financial crisis. So then what the heck does mark-to-market even mean?... (more...)

Posted on Mar 16 2009 | 14 comments | Written by Dominic Tartaglia

Editorial: The Grand Hypocrisy of Obama’s Scientific Reform

Randall Munroe, the author of the webcomic XKCD, could not state it much more simply than that. With Obama now taking the reins as president, it refreshing to hear him speak of giving the field of science its proper due. The scientific method has led... (more...)

Posted on Mar 16 2009 | 10 comments | Written by Dominic Tartaglia
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