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Is Sarah Palin still needed by the Republican Party?

It was made public earlier today that former Alaskan Governor and now Fox News analyst Sarah Palin will be campaigning for several prominent Republicans around the country in the coming months. She will be giving stump speeches in preparation for the... (more...)

Posted on Jan 21 2010 | 230 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Another real reason for the Afghanistan/Pakistan war

In what may be an early move toward a Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline, officials in Washington are putting pressure on the Pakistan central government to allow agricultural goods to pass through Pakistan on their journey from... (more...)

Posted on Jan 14 2010 | 220 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Rand Paul Senate campaign: Nationwide dollars working on a statewide scale

As rumors are circulating as to which politician may be able to lead the Tea Party movement into Washington D.C. many are talking but very few are working as hard as Kentucky US Senate candidate Rand Paul. It has been an incredible two weeks for the Paul... (more...)

Posted on Jan 13 2010 | 198 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Obama knows the US can never leave Iraq

Thinking back to the ominous firing of Barack Obama’s lead security advisor, Samantha Power, during his primary fight with Hillary Clinton the country was at that moment given a taste of what was to come. Samantha Power gave a television interview in... (more...)

Posted on Jan 10 2010 | 64 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Is there room for both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in 2012?

Recently Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (Republican) announced that he was planning to visit a state that in two short years will play pivotal role in deciding the GOP nominee for President in 2012. Johnson will be traveling to New Hampshire... (more...)

Posted on Jan 9 2010 | 150 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Russia opens oil port that will supply China Japan and South Korea

Last week Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attended the ceremonial opening of what will become Russia’s third largest oil port. The port is on the Pacific Coast of Siberian Russia, just north of South Korea and Japan. The port will serve as the... (more...)

Posted on Jan 8 2010 | 140 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Next up in Obama’s War on Terror: Africa

The Chinese receive 7% of their oil supply from Sudan. Given this fact, if the US could go into Khartoum and throw out the Sudanese President Bashir under the pretext of a human rights mission and gain control of the oil supply, they could then greatly... (more...)

Posted on Jan 7 2010 | 58 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Unconventional war on Pakistan by the Obama Administration

Taliban leadership is claiming that the recent triple agent suicide bomb attack that killed seven CIA agents was in response to over 700 dead Pakistani civilians by way of predator drones in 2009. Pakistan officials claim that out of 44 strikes in the... (more...)

Posted on Jan 6 2010 | 16 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Is Yemen the staging ground for a US/Iran proxy war?

It is public knowledge that the Houthi insurgency in Northern Yemen is accused of being backed by the Iranian government lead by President Ahmadinejad. The Houthis, whose fighters now number in the 10’s of thousands, are Shiite as is the majority of... (more...)

Posted on Jan 5 2010 | 53 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Benevolent Federal programs, the subsidizing of the arts and their opposition

The perception and I believe in some ways it is a fair perception that Republicans want to allow the wealthy to retain all of their earning so they will have more capital to purchase Hummers and McMansions. While that may be true to some extent unfortunately... (more...)

Posted on Dec 10 2009 | 70 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

The evidence that Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012

Evidence currently points to Sarah Palin running for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012. Since leaving office as Governor of Alaska she has embarked on a textbook public relations strategy to make the 2008 race a faint memory in the minds of the... (more...)

Posted on Nov 29 2009 | 24 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Peter Schiff reschedules money bomb after sabotage of campaign website

In an email yesterday to supporters Connecticut Republican Senatorial Candidate Peter Schiff announced that his campaign will be holding a follow up money bomb fundraiser after his last money bomb was disrupted by attacks carried out by what Schiff calls... (more...)

Posted on Nov 13 2009 | 16 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Iran continues to consider proposal from international community

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in Istanbul, Turkey for an Organization of The Islamic Conference, a group of 57 Muslim countries that promotes religious solidarity in national and international matters. When addressing the conference Ahmadinejad said,... (more...)

Posted on Nov 12 2009 | 526 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

What is motivating the most recent Sy Hersh sources?

Recently the New Yorker magazine ran a piece by renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, which posed the question of whether or not the US military would guard Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. US officials say there is no evidence that the Taliban... (more...)

Posted on Nov 10 2009 | 55 comments | Written by Shaun Booth

Will there be another sucker rally for the US dollar?

It seems inflation fears have been reaching new heights week after week. And commodity prices, particularly oil and gold have recently hit 52 week highs leaving many bear investors to wonder just how the suckers rally on Wall Street will ever come to... (more...)

Posted on Oct 28 2009 | 14 comments | Written by Shaun Booth
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