Chemicals in food wrappings may be harmful for human and dog fertility

Last Updated: August 9, 2016

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have discovered that chemicals found in plastic wrappings may be harmful to health. These substances influence negatively on the sperm motility, both in human and dogs organisms.

Scientists from the Nottingham and their study showed that human and dog sperm is very vulnerable to the effect of the chemicals found in the wrappings of food. An extremely high level of such a chemicals may be harmful to biological process and even can disrupt hormones.

According to the study’s results, dogs are also losing their fertility because they live alongside humans. Gudrun Ravetz, Junior Vice President, British Veterinary Association, scientists noted that just 25 percent of young men now produce good quality sperm with high motility. At the same time, an average semen volume has declined by 25 percent since the 1940s.

Chemicals are everywhere, so it’s still unclear which kind of plastic in our environment is the most dangerous. But chemicals found in plastic wrappings may be harmful to health both dogs and humans.