Climate change may be shifting clouds toward the poles

July 11, 2016

The climate scientists at the University of California, San Diego, says that way clouds cover the Earth may be changing because of global warming. Such a climate change influents on the atmosphere and its parts — the clouds.

The satellite data helped to the scientists to track cloud patterns in a period from 1980 to 2000. These two decades and changes in the behavior of clouds told a lot of climatologists. The knew that clouds in the mid-latitudes started to shift toward the poles, at the same time the subtropical dry zones expanded much, the highest tops of a cloud got even higher.

Climat change and global warming make clouds be an indicator of changing. It worth to note that about 70 percent of our planet is covered by clouds, which are constantly moving. Their shape-shifters aren’t exactly easy for scientists to study, said Joel Norris, a climate scientist.