Cologne sex crimes: 2,000 migrants men were involved, reports German police

Last Updated: July 12, 2016

Cologne police published its special 50-page report, says the Süddeutsche Zeitung. The report on sexual assaults was prepared by the Federal Office of Criminal Investigations (BKA) and opens all the known details of sexual crimes, in which were involved about 2,000 men migrants.

According to the extensive police report, Cologne local police faced on NewYear Eve’s night with the largest number of sex crimes ever, all of them were prepared well: migrants gathered in special places and in a special time. The hundreds of such crimes were also reported in other parts of the Germany on 24th December (642 sexual crimes registered, additionally 239 “combined crimes” – sexual crime plus theft).

The largest number (650) of victims was in Cologne, and 400 assaulted women live in Hamburg. The whole figure of 1,200 women who were assaulted by the 2,000 migrants men, says police report and adds:

“In this regard there is clearly a connection between the appearance of this phenomenon and the mass immigration of 2015.”