Cristiano Ronaldo banned girlfriend from hosting parties at his house

April 25, 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo was upset too much when Lionel Messi smashed the plans with his superb last-minute goal. So, Ronaldo just banned girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez from hosting any more parties at his house – the winner of Ballon d’Or sees these planned events as only bad signs.

Georgina Rodriguez and Christiano Ronaldo are dating not so long time ago, she is trying to be a real friend to her Ronaldo and entertain himself after every match with parties. But sometimes Ronaldo’s team has nothing to celebrate like Sunday’s Clasico match. Ubiquitous Lionel Messi scored a superb last-minute winner to put Barcelona top of the table at their great rivals’ expense.

The party at Ronaldo’s was cancelled, moreover, Christiano banned his girlfriend from hosting similar events at his house at all because the footballer sees them as bad luck.

Rodriguez had planned a celebration for the aftermath of the game at Ronaldo's house

Meanwhile, Georgina is spending the life of the football star’s girlfriend, she shares pics of her a*s, does hundreds of selfies a day and claiming her prospective modelling business future.

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