Damian Lewis: ‘As an actor educated at Eton, I’m still always in a minority’

April 22, 2017

Damian Lewis is the well-educated guy and gifted actor, his appearance as an eccentric billionaire in the TV-series is unforgettable. There are not so many actors in Hollywood who was educated like Damian in Eton, maybe, Tom Hiddleston only.

Damian always called for more diversity in the arts, the actor believes that theatre, opera, ballet and TV must be reflective of all society. Only under such conditions the art is able to develop further and to be interesting for the auditory.

There are rumours that only privately educated actors are becoming dominant in acting, but The Billions star explains why that’s not true.

The education helps to be deeper as an actor, to diversify the role, and to work through the character. Clarifying the power of education and art, Mr Lewis added:

“What is true and always rewarding about the acting profession is that everyone has a similar story about them being in a minority. From whatever background. And that coming into the acting profession is when we all finally find like-minded people,”

the handsome and smart actor said.

Damien stressed that theatre and the arts are fundamental to the child’s education, these spheres of life are undoubtedly important to everyone.