David Cameron quits as Conservative MP for Witney

September 13, 2016

David Cameron decided to quit as Conservative MP for Whitney, it’s too difficult for him to remain on the backbenches. Moreover, he’s not intended to be “a big distraction and a big diversion” from the work of the May’s government.

David Cameron has stood down as an MP, triggering a by-election in his Oxfordshire seat of Witney. The 49-year-old British MP has resigned as prime minister right after EU referendum. The Brexit has changed plans of Cameron dramatically. Now, Mr. Cameron said he did not want to be a “distraction” for new PM Theresa May.

Mr Cameron became a Conservative leader in 2005 and PM in 2010, he has represented Witney since 2001. According to him, it had been a “great honour” to be an MP for the area, he wished only success to the new government. In his statement, Mr Cameron added the timing was coincidental, adding that there were “many good things” in the proposed reforms in the UK education system.