Donald Trump backs Julian Assange over Russia hacking claim

January 5, 2017

Donald Trump tweets in support of Julian Assange, President-elect was impressed by the interview od the WikiLeaks founder for Fox. As Assange noted, Russia was not the source of the site’s mass leak of emails from the Democratic Party.

America is still wondering who was the source of the Democratic Party’s email leaks and what a person organised a hacking meddling in the US election. On Wednesday, Mr Trump has backed Assange in casting doubt on intelligence alleging Russian meddling in the US computer election system.

the FBI and CIA suggest that the information, released through Wikileaks and other outlets, was intended to help Mr Trump win the election, as well as possible Russian hackers ‘assistance’ does.

According to Julian Assange, Russia was not the source for the WikiLeaks’ mass leak of emails from the Democratic Party. Mr Trump started to support Assange, he even wrote:

‘Assange… said Russians did not give him the info!’

Despite these Trump’s words, the US agencies like FBI and the CIA suggest Russia orchestrated the hacks to guarantee the victory of the Republican candidate.

Trump changes his mind regarding WikiLeaks

President-elect Trump is now on of the supporters of Julian Assange. This week, Trump tweeted twice in support of what WikiLeaks founder said on Fox News.

Trump tweet:
Trump tweet:

What a change: Donald Trump previously was known as a critic of the Wikileaks activity, indeed.