Donald Trump’s Scottish golf swing: Brexit and Scotland golf resort

June 26, 2016

Trump arrived at his newly opened resort in Turnberry on Scotland’s western coast on Friday morning, where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s answers to reporters’ questions. Actually, Mr. Trump visited the Great Britain on 24th June, sharply after the historical referendum. But the date June 24 was planned a long time ago, said Trump’s secretary, it is not the coincidence, just a business appointment.

Donald Trump’s two-day trip across the green UK and Scotland was really messing and chaotic, says the media. Amid the chaos of the Saturday, Trump made some comments regarding his potential ban on U.S. entry by foreign Muslims. However, later at the traditional lunch (fish and chips) at the clubhouse, Trump told a Bloomberg Politics reporter the details of his immigration plan and that he doesn’t consider “mass deportations”. In other words, nobody understood what Trump meant.

Donald Trump revives his campaign

In the UK Trump has several courses, which he is intended to promote. So, an aim of his this visit is just business, not politics, said Donald Trump. Nevertheless, journalists asked him a lot of foreign-policy questions regarding the Brexit.