Duterte promises corrupt mayors to resign or die as drug purge continues

January 11, 2017

Philippines drug purge continues, the President Duterte warned all the mayors in his country that his fight with drug crime system is going on. The Philippines leader warned the ‘dirty’ mayors should leave the trade or die.

Rodrigo Duterte, the 71-year-old Philippines leader, promised in his speech on an oath-taking ceremony that the mayors who involved into the dirty deals with drugs should ‘make a clean break of everything’ or he would really kill them. Mr Duterte stressed in his speech:

‘I will call the mayors, I will lock them in so it’s just us. I will really tell them. The list I gave you is this thick. Look for your name there, mayor. If your name is there, son of a b****, you have a problem, I will really kill you.’

Philippines drug war of President Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drug has drawn the criticism from the United States and the UN over concerns about extrajudicial killings and a breakdown in the rule of law. However, Duterte insists the recent wave of drug trade deaths are not the work of the government.

Tens of the unidentified men were killed in Mandaluyong City, east of Manila, Philippines, in November police raid. Many Philippines families condemned the President over these deaths.