President Bush booed at the opening pitch of Washington Nationals game

President George W. Bush was greeted Sunday by thousands of resounding boo’s while being introduced at the Nationals Park in Washington, DC. Walking to the field from the tunnel, the booing did not let up. With a wave a and an un-acknowledging smile, he walked to the mound, threw a pitch to the catcher and quickly left the field.

Not surprisingly, Dick Cheney was also booed in 2006 at the opening game for the Washington Nationals. Bush failed to make the opener in 2006 and 2007, coincidentally the years when the spread between his approval/disapproval ratings were at all time lows.

With the countless number of issues working against President Bush, hopefully he wasn’t expecting a warm welcome. Water-boarding, the excessive length and mis-management of the Iraq war, the failing housing market and credit crunch, the looming confrontation with Iran, the Patriot Act liberty violations and the almost daily news of the Administration over-stepping their bounds are just some of the issues that have brought Bush’s job approval to just about the lowest of any president in history. According to a Pew Poll from 3/19, his current approval rating is at a whopping 28%.

Low approval ratings, in conjunction with McCain saying he will continue the Iraq war, push forward Bush’s Social Security proposals and keep the Bush tax cuts intact, may put the Republicans at an immediate disadvantage in the 2008 election. The American public has shown they are looking for a change in this years election, and McCain isn’t showing much of that by seemingly offering 4 more years of the current Administration.


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