Ron Paul Still Making His Mark

Ron PaulThe Republicans held their primary in Idaho yesterday and to no ones surprise, the winner was John McCain. But, once again McCain failed to get 30% of the votes. Ron Paul came in with 24% and 6% are uncommitted. Now this scenario has been happening in not only the primaries but in the polls as well.

John McCain will be the nominee unless something very weird happens. But the supporters of Ron Paul are not falling in behind him. The Nevada Republican convention had to be postponed because Paul’s supporters wanted to have their say and try and get some of his delegates to the National Convention.

Now the latest word is that the convention will not be re scheduled like the party said it would, but that the State Committee may choose the delegates themselves and by pass the convention process, and yes it is perfectly legal because rule 17 of the RNC, which covers vacancies in a state delegation says vacancies should be filled by the rules of the state party, or if the state party. Then if the state rules do not provide a method, then state laws should be used and if there are no state laws regarding how to fill vacancies, then the rule says that the state party should make every effort to elect those individuals filling the vacancies in the delegation in the same manner as the delegates were originally elected or by vote of the state Republican Party executive committee or if the state executive committee has not filled the vacancy by ten (10) days prior to the convention, by vote of the state delegates.

Now the question is has the Nevada Republican Party done what is right namely have they not been able to use their own rules or state rules to fill the vacancies, giving them the right to vote on the delegates themselves? If they do go for the last choice and pick the delegates themselves, the Paul supporters will not take it laying down.

We are getting to see so much of the inner workings of the parties is this election. This time around, more than any other, the internet is bringing us up close and personal, within minuets of an event. Before something like the Nevada convention would have been more local news. Makes you think what it will be like 4 years from now.


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