#EnlistMe: Hollywood actor Duhamel intended to aid to disabled vets

May 30, 2016

‘Transformers’ star Josh Duhamel intends to aid to the veterans, who were injured during mission and need now special care. Hollywood actor Duhamel’s video #EnlistMe has the only aim to help disabled veterans. According to Josh, we could restore independence to disabled vets by building wheelchair-accessible homes with high-tech digital features.

Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel is supporting a campaign for providing smart homes for disabled and injured US veterans. In recent video #EnlistMe actor’s encouraging others to do the same. ‘My aunt was deployed to the Balkans, into Iraq, my grandfather was a World War II vet,’ actor  said. After meetings with the lot of US veterans, Duhamel started to realize an importance of smart homes for them. Being disabled or injured, person needs special care, e.g. wheelchair-accessible homes.

Such a philanthropic behavior is extremely useful for his little son Axl, said Hollywood actor Duhamel. ‘And I want him to sort of understand that and respect that and understand the importance of not only money, but respect and compassion and kindness and all those kinds of things.’