Ethanol and biofuel emissions: what is worse?

Last Updated: August 29, 2016

Ethanol industry’s representatives of the U.S. started a new round of critics the publication, which was funded by the American Petroleum Industry (API). According to the study published on August 25 in the journal Climatic Change, rising biofuel use has linked to a net increase of carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, the study concluded also that biofuels are worse than gasoline.

Ethanol industry officials criticized a University of Michigan for the study, which its researchers have published yesterday online. According to the research, lead by professor John DeCicco, biofuels increase carbon dioxide emissions. It worth to note that the study was funded in part by API.

The scientists from the University of Michigan based their conclusions on the data from the USDA crop-production table. A simple analysis demonstrated the increasing of carbon dioxide during the period when U.S. biofuel production rapidly ramped up. The reason of such raising was, possible, the biofuel, which is directly links to crops.