FBI, CIA: Despite losses, ISIS still poses major global threat

September 11, 2016

FBI and CIA heads say that ISIS activity is still strong despite the loss of territory. Thus, the Islamic radicals will continue to pose serious problems in the field of national security for the US and Europe, in coming years the world needs to continue this fight.

FBI Director James Comey gave a speech at a national security conference in Washington. This meeting on Thursday aimed at the methods of fighting with ISIS, not only in the US but throughout the world. Mr. Comey noted:

“The threat that I think will dominate the next five years for the FBI will be the impact of the crushing of the caliphate, which will happen”.

FBI director predicted many attacks like Paris and Brussels ones in the western Europe. Such a demonstration of its power gives to ISIS and maintain a credibility in the militant world. Others will try to bring the fight to the United States, making it imperative for the nation to help its European allies share intelligence better, Comey said.

The United States, its FBI and CIA should help its European allies share intelligence better, Comey underlined. Despite ISIS loses territory, it also will lose its ability to produce vicious propaganda “used to motivate screwed-up people to engage in acts of violence.”