FBI found 15,000 more Clinton emails

August 23, 2016

The FBI informed on new Clinton emails it has found. About 15,000 messages and materials sent by Hillary Clinton or to her joined the FBI’s dossier. Mrs. Clinton is under investigation on the possible use of private email at the State Department.

FBI is going on an investigation regarding Hillary Clinton and her using the email account of the state Department for private purposes. The Bureau revealed another 15,000 Clinton emails, which became a part of her dossier at FBI. These messages were not part of previous 30,000 work-related emails from the State Department servers from December 2014.

The previous place of work of Hillary Clinton — the U.S. State Department, committed to meet the requirements of an existing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. That means that Clinton’s emails (uncovered by the FBI) will be publicly released. The lawsuit was brought by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.