Mike Church treats Neocon Beckaholism

by Kurt Wallace

The Liberty movement has been looking for a beacon of truth in the mainstream media to stand up for the Founding Fathers vision of patriotism. At CPAC’s Campaign for Liberty event Thursday night, Ron Paul talked about a young man who came to his office to ask the congressman what it would take to get into politics. Dr. Paul encouraged the young man to consider going into the media business instead.

During an interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano promoting his book “A Nation of Sheep,” he told me we need more wolves in the “fourth branch of government,” spreading the ideas of liberty and that will challenge the dominant progressivism-which sometimes goes by the name “conservatism.” The progressive movement has gradually infiltrated the minds of conservatives, through talk radio and other mediums, and such pundits are truly sheep in wolves clothing.

Enter the neoconservative:

Talk host Sean Hannity doesn’t even acknowledge Kentucky Tea Party Republican candidate Rand Paul who was even endorsed by Hannity favorite, Sarah Palin. Rush Limbaugh said of Congressman Ron Paul’s CPAC victory, that it “put the brakes on Republican progress.” Mike “holy war” Huckabee, claims of CPAC, “it’s not the event it once was,” and in their agreement, Huckabee and Rush are correct–there were actual conservatives at CPAC this time.

Let’s not forget Debra Medina being treated like a joke by Glenn Beck. Beck obviously doesn’t understand himself, the principles of conservatism he preached to the CPAC audience, concerning “progressivism” and “Wilsonianism.” The blind-leading-the-blind Beck might want to go back to step one himself and admit he is himself a disease called “Beckaholism,” a not so rare sickness which consists of party liberty rhetoric, part establishmentarianism and part progressive interventionism.

Though his schizoid mix is a more dangerous form of the disease, there is hope.  Mr. Beck, we invite you to join Neoconservatives Anonymous before going off and embarrassing the rest of us who are actually in recovery from the intellectually debilitating disease of neocon denial. I am willing to be his sponsor as I am the founder of the program and all are welcome. But remember it’s for those who want it, not for those who need it.

My suggestion to Beck and the rest of the war state ostriches:

1. Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your confused-about-conservatism mouths.

2. Start listening to real wolves in the media beginning with the Mike Church Show.

Yes, the Mike Church Show! I recently had the honor of meeting Mike Church at CPAC, a true, modern day Patrick Henry, and someone I believe to be an honest-to-goodness, recovering neoconservative. After he spoke Friday night, a small group had dinner with Mike Church, including his brother, sister-in-law, his producer Andrew Guss, author Tom Mullen, The American Conservative’s Kelly Jane Torrance , Jack Hunter (aka the “Southern Avenger”) and we discussed what it was like before and after we woke up from neoconservatism. Mike Church knows both sides of the real conservative vs. neocon argument, which easily makes him the most dangerous man on talk radio today. It’s hard to neocon a recovering neocon.

Mike Church has been doing talk radio for 18 years and was part of what he calls the “talk show mafia.” Mike has the longest running talk show on Sirius Radio and just a couple of years ago he woke up from neoconservatism and has been helping wake millions since. Mike discovered noted Liberty movement figures Kevin Gutzman and Tom Woods and organizations like the Ludwig von Mises Institute, which led to his producing a wonderful film about the founders and constitutional government called “The Spirit of 76: The Greatest Story Never Told.”

There are those who do speak for true liberty in the forth branch of government. FOX News Judge Andrew Napolitano with his program “Freedom Watch” and a veteran voice on Sirius satellite radio, the great Mike Church. Before it’s over I expect there will be many others that will join the Church/Napolitano wolf-pack. Who knows, perhaps even the schizophrenic Glenn Beck might come around, finally and fully becoming one of “us.” But chances are by the time that happens-it will be viewed along with the rest of the “talk show mafia” through Mike Church’s rear view mirror.


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