Scott Brown May Actually Win Massachusetts

Something that would have seemed impossible just a few months ago, Scott Brown may actually win the open senate seat in Massachusetts. Early polls showed republican candidate Scott Brown over ten points behind democratic candidate Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley. Rasmussen reports is now reporting that Scott Brown is within a few points of Coakley 47% to 49%, respectively. Normally, Rasmussen Reports are spot on, but because this is a special election, nobody can be certain of the outcome. Currently, we are predicting that Scott Brown will actually win the open “Kennedy” senate seat.

This is a special election, meaning voters are only coming out to vote for the senate race. Typically, these votes would skew democrat, but because of the vocal conservative movement across the country these voters are more likely to be against the status quo. Conservatives are fired up all over the country, and they will more than likely turn out to the polls to vote for Scott Brown.

Rasmussen Reports have 3% of likely voters voting for Joe Kennedy… While, I personally wish more would hear his message, not all battles can be won. Joe Kennedy will attract votes from two different factions. Libertarians or true conservatives may vote for Kennedy because he is the candidate that aligns closer to their views. Some democrats may vote for Kennedy because they may ignorantly think that he is related to the recently deceased Kennedy. Many are predicting that Joe Kennedy will not walk away with this many votes, I am predicting that the votes will counteract each other changing little in the form of results.

If conservatives make it out to the polls, Scott Brown will win Massachusetts. This will of course, send shock-waves across the country scaring the hell out of incumbents this 2010 election season.


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