Florida authorities confirm local Zika cases

July 30, 2016

The authorities of Florida confirmed the cases of Zika virus in the state, an active transmission of infection registered one-square-mile area. According to the CDC Director Tom Frieden, virus was identified north of downtown Miami.

Florida met with Zika virus, the four Zika cases under investigation in Miami, infection was transmitted by the mosquitoes in the area, experts say. Among the infected people three are men, one is a woman. There is no data regarding the possible pregnancy of the infected woman.

CDC Director Tom Frieden hold a press call on Friday, he informed the journalists about four cases of Zika virus in Florida as well as possible ways of transmitting disease. According to the CDC, it’s likely the people were infected at work, very close to the factory lives a large mosquito population. Maybe, Zika was transmitted by these mosquitos, concluded Tom Frieden, MD.