U.S. Could Very Well be in Haiti for the Oil

America answered Haiti’s call and helped the disaster-stricken country. Few can argue that America’s aid to Haiti was unjust. The only problem, America may never leave. President Bush was attacked for going into Iraq for the oil, now it is Obama’s turn to receive some of the heat. If there is one constant in the world, the United States ends up where the oil is. The current reports state that there are over 10,000 American armed troops stationed in Haiti. The scenarios are endless, and people are beginning to talk, why all the troops? Perhaps the troops have been stationed to prevent another country from coming in and establishing a different government, or take Haiti’s oil? Perhaps America’s troops have been stationed in Haiti to stake America’s claim. Perhaps America just sent troops because they can be deployed faster than other relief efforts.

Haiti is sitting on one of the biggest untouched oil reserves in the world. If anything the earthquake has proven this, as oil is being found everywhere. In 2008 Metrople Haiti.com reported that Haiti could have larger oil reserves than even Venezuela. The United States is known to protect their own political interests abroad, it would only make sense that they would like to avoid another Hugo Chavez, or even another country’s hostile takeover.

Just like Bush opened for America’s companies to go over and “help” Iraq’s industry by locating and drilling for oil, some people are expecting the same thing to happen with Haiti. Will the media glaze over this when it happens? Now if you can remember, all that Iraq oil, turned out to be a huge bust like Iraq for American companies.

What are your reactions?


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