Formula One new owner wants to get fans ‘closer to the sport’, calendar 2018 looks different

Last Updated: April 11, 2017

Formula One new owner is full of ideas how to get fans even closer to the sport and interesting for viewers. Of course, the calendar for the next year will look totally different, the first annoying change is the dropping the Malaysian Grand Prix from 2018 calendar.

Despite the multiple changes and innovations in the Formula One management and the calendar, the motor brand is going to be closer to sport. The new owner pushes to broaden its fan base and to make a solid online platform for the world famous motor show.

An announcement was made this morning that the Sepang International Circuit will feature for the last time at the start of October. Sean Bratches said:

“It’s always sad to say goodbye to a member of the Formula One family. As we said in Melbourne, we have big plans for bringing our global fan base closer to the sport than ever before, providing an enhanced digital experience and creating new events.”

Sean Bratches

So far, the Formula One new owner is looking forward to talking more about such creative plans as the season progresses. While the Malaysian Grand Prix was removed from 2018 calendar, Euro returns. According to Mr Bratches, the top management added that there will be 21 races in 2018 with circuits in Germany and France returning to the fold.

The Formula One has the great history and amazing heritage, and despite all these features, France’s return will cap a 10-year break from Formula One. The first ever Grand Prix the country hosted was in 1906 and was almost ever present until 2008. In 2018, the motor race will take place at Circuit Paul Ricard, situated in the vicinities of Marseilles (remember Luc Besson’s Taxi quadrilogies?).