Haiti is suffering from Hurricane Matthew

October 6, 2016

Haiti is suffering from the Hurricane Matthew, early on Tuesday morning has plunged the Caribbean’s oldest nation into another period of despairing uncertainty. The experts say that Haiti cannot endure any more consequences after immense Hurricane.

Haiti is ill-prepared to deal with what Matthew brings, this hurricane has category 4 force, the towns and villages along the southwestern coastline. The Mother Nature choose an extremely tense moment for such a disaster. This Sunday, Haitians are expected to go to the polls to choose from 27 candidates to cast their vote for the new president of the republic.

The last voting in October 2015 cost country millions and caused widespread national protests due to fraudulence. The 2010 earthquake led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, bringing unimaginable trauma to Haiti. International assistance addressed short-term needs, but after Matthew, Haiti simply cannot endure any more broken promises.