Hillary Clinton’s emails publications, Julian Assange is offline

October 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s emails will be published, promised Julian Assange last week. Several portions of unknown electronic correspondence of the Democratic nominee planned to be unveiled prior to the Presidential Elections in November. But Julian Assange is not able to do his mission because of the absence of internet.

Hillary Clinton is not afraid of publication by Assange any of her emails. The Democratic candidate is aware of an absence of internet by Assange. Pity, but WikiLeaks’ founder was cut of the World Wide Web at London’s Ecuadorean embassy.

Julian Assange lives at the Embassy since 2012 to avoid extradition over sex assault allegations. There was no way to immediately verify if he is offline, and if so, how a state actor was suspected. However, Wikileaks is functioning, it has recently been releasing emails from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s team has ‘neither confirmed nor denied’ the leaked emails are authentic, there have been no indications they are fake.