Hyundai’s eco plan starts in 2017: Ioniq hybrid

June 6, 2016

Hyundai announced it Eco Plan, which is on sale by the year of 2020. The Korean company intends to produce in four years, six electric vehicles and two with hydrogen fuel cells. The Ioniq will start this eco-line in 2017, there will be three variations: a plug-in, a hybrid, and an EV, said director Byung Ki Ahn.

Korean automaker Hyundai is working on the development of eco-friendly vehicles. Its an Ioniq plug in model will start an Eco Plan in the next year, people around the world will be able to buy a company’s new auto. Hyundai’s Ioniq hybrid auto will be able to pre-order in the U.S. later this year, sales of this all-new hybrid is Hyundai’s first move. In other words, the Korean automaker is ready for competition with Toyota and its Prius.

So far, the Toyota Prius is the bestseller in a hybrid-class in the world, but director Byung Ki Ahn from Hyundai notes that his company uses an absolutely new engineering solutions and fresh ideas. That’s why Ioniq will have extremely different designs and improved functionality. In the second quarter of 2017, the most anticipable plug-in hybrid model will follow at last. By the way, three variations of one hatchback Ioniq will cost the same price as its competitor, the Toyota Prius.

  • Goncalo Da Silva

    i live in canada! I don’t understand why they can’t just tell the price (for canada) and the availability!!

    If they want me to buy one, they need to provide me this kind of info! Otherwise, I will go with someone else!