India pledges $1 billion in aid to Afghanistan before donor meeting

September 14, 2016

India will help to Afghanistan: prior to the donor meeting in Brussels, $1 billion in aid guaranteed. The President Ashraf Ghani during his visit to New Delhi on Wednesday got such a good news from Indian counterparts.

India pledges $1 billion in aid to Afghanistan, it’s a downpayment on stabilization and reform. The pledge was made ahead of a major donor conference, which is held on October 5 in Brussels.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted in his statement that a financial help can be useful for India in its “abiding support for a unified, sovereign, democratic, peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan”.

The leaders of Afghanistan and India have expressed a deep concern about an ISIS’ terrorism and violence, the Asia-Pacific region is suffering from this danger heavily. The forthcoming donor conference in Brussels (Oct. 5, 2016) will be the point of meeting for 70 states and 30 international organizations. They’ll try to seek to back for reforms to stabilize and develop the Central Asian country.