Iran about its historic deal to buy Boeing planes

June 15, 2016

On June 14, Iran has finalized a historic deal with Boeing–country to buy passenger planes from the U.S. aircraft manufacturer as part of an Iranian strategy for upgrading the civilian air fleet. Such an agreement, if completed, would be an extraordinary commercial transaction between the U.S. company and Iran. Important to note that only six months ago Iran got rid of the antinuclear international sanctions.

The deal on buying the Boeing aircraft by Tehran will be announced in the coming days, said Abbas Akhoundi, minister of roads and urban development in Iran. In the case of full approving this Iranian-American deal, innovative Boeings will be the first aircraft flying over Iran since 1979. As you can remember, in 1979 was a year of an Islamic Revolution. Actually, IranAir told it would acquire more than 100 Boeing jets, all of them could be bought under the potential multi-billion-dollar deal.

The largest commercial agreement between a U.S. company and Iran became possible in view of lifting the sanctions six months ago. Iran promised to fulfill the agreement and to stop its own nuclear weapons program. Nevertheless, a Boeing official confirmed in an email to Reuters that any agreements reached will be contingent on U.S. government approval.

  • Iran Fail

    The aircraft exception in the nuclear deal was the foot in the door that Iran and those who favor warming relations with the regime need in order to grant it impunity to continue as a rogue state even as it profits from deals with Western businesses. Once Boeing is established as a major partner with the Islamists, it will be that much more difficult for the West or any American government to rip up the deal even if Iran engages in blatant violations. Instead of just apologists for Iran working to oppose the re-imposition of sanctions or retribution for Iran atrocities and terrorism, the Boeing deal will create a new constituency for Iran appeasement that will be difficult to overcome. Thus, the deepening of ties with Iran will have the opposite effect that some Americans would like to believe. Rather than making Iran more pliable and invested in good relations with the West, the enriching of the regime would make it more dangerous.